Pack Jetski + Paddle sup

30 Min Jet ski - 1 Hora Paddle



Jet skis in valencia, two activities for two people at the best price.

Jet skis in valencia, we are aware that you like to enjoy paying what is fair and necessary without this entailing loss of quality and service. That’s why we designed this pack called Pack two.

This pack combines two activities, complement very well since one gives you the rush and the other relaxes and entertains you.

The first thing we will do once we get to the facilities of Rent jetski valencia will be to check in and prepare for the activities.

The activities that we will do first will be the tour rent jetski valencia of 30 minutes for two people. This activity will be in a group with more jet skis.jet skis in valencia

Once we are placed on our respective bikes, an experienced monitor will give us some ideas on how to ride the jet ski. He will also explain the basic rules of navigation. It is vitally important to comply to the letter. Failure to comply with the rules may lead the instructor to make the determination to finish the watercraft trip ahead of time.

The excursion or tour in jetski will be done coasting the beaches of valencia normally in direction towards port sa beach. It will also depend on maritime conditions to go one way or the other.

We will have time if the sea and the weather allow it to bathe us in the sea and refresh ourselves. It will be time to change the pilot if you want to.


Once we arrive at the port, the jetski activity will end and we will be able to rest a bit to gather strength and start the next activity that will be sailing with two paddle surf boards for one hour.


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