Tour Jet ski valencia 60 minutes

60 Minutes
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Are you going to miss it?, jet ski tour valencia

Jet ski tour valencia 60 minutes is more intense than the 30 minutes. They have all the ingredients to enjoy the most of the water bikes in Valencia.

You do not have to be an expert in pilotage, to say that you do not need any experience to have a good time. Renting Jet ski in valencia with rent jet ski valencia is without doubt the most exciting experience there is. The activity will be as follows:

The first thing once we get to the base of jet ski valencia is time to do the checking showing the DNI, NIE or passport to make the contract and commit to comply with all the rules and instructions that our instructor does not say. Then we will prepare for the activity, swimsuit or bikini, approved vest and desire to enjoy.

Before starting the activity of jet ski valencia 60 minutes we will give you a small course to know the jet ski and the rules of navigation.

SALIDA Y LLEGADA La Marina de valencia – Poblado náutico
HORAS DE SALIDA 10h-11h-12h-13h-14h-15h-16h-17h-18h
Life jacket  RCSafety
Instructor Jet ski for 1 or 2 persons
NO NECESARY Titulation

It’s time to master the jet ski in valencia

It’s time to sail with the jet ski in valencia and enjoy the sensations so impressive they offer to pilot these machines. We will exit through the mouth of the port towards the high sea behind the instructor and comply with the indications of the same at all times.

In this way, the experience in a jet ski in Valencia will be as safe as possible. The jet ski tour in valencia is usually done by taking the valencia bay behind the instructor. It also depends a lot on the state of the sea to go in one direction or another with the jet ski in valencia.

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